Another Kiss

The latest issue of Downtown and Driftwood is out and I’m very pleased to have a story in it. It’s an old one. It’s Kiss, the first story in Not So Perfect and it’s one that people seem to like (it’s been reprinted a few times now). It’s one that I’m very fond of too.

There’s also a little feature on me with a bit of an interview thrown in for free. As you’ll see, Steve, the man behind the publication dropped in on me a little while ago and we chatted and drank tea and ate biscuits and he took some photos and it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. There’s plenty of other great stuff in it too – stories and poems and photographs and, if you like you can get your copy, digital or print, here.

Also – why not send them something. They’re only on issue three and they’re after cool stuff so, have a look and get something sent.

[Added: because I forgot… You can drop the editor a mail at and they’re on Facebook here. As you were.]

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  1.  by  lesleyjjackson

    It’s always good to see what you’ve been up to, Nik. There’s nothing on that website to suggest writing submissions are welcome, though. Are you sure?

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