And Then They Arrived

So yesterday, this happened.


and then this


Yes, my author copies of Beautiful Words arrived. I love them very much. They are beautiful, beautiful objects – the quality is stunning and I’m a very happy author. If you’d like your own, then here seems to be the cheapest place (with free worldwide delivery).


And now I go back to work. There is writing to be done. (By the way, if anyone fancies having me on their blog to talk about the book or writing or anything then give me a shout.)

6 Comments on “And Then They Arrived

  1.  by  Jodi Cleghorn


    Books like ‘Beautiful Words’ and Craig Silvey’s ‘The Amber Amulet’ are living proof that ‘the book’ is far from dead as a form. Instead they show how a book has the capacity to transcend itself to be not just a literary feast but an artistic one too.

    As long as there are authors like you, teaming up with artists and publishers who are willing to experiment and take risks, the book, as a tangible item to hold and love and share, is far from extinct.

    Now to patiently await the arrival of my copy and a reminder to not call it an ‘adult picture book’. A much different beast to a picture book for adults!!

    •  by  nikperring

      Thanks Jodi – hope you like it when it comes! And don’t worry, I described it as a bit like a picture book for grown-ups the other day, which is kind of what it is.

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