And The Work Goes On

If I seem to be saying the saying the same thing here, over and over again, it’s because that’s how it is. So I’ll say it again: I am still super busy and that’s mostly very good indeed.

I think, over this past few months, I’ve probably taken more train journeys than I previously had in my whole life. (I was strangely amused earlier today when the lady on the platform was convinced I was heading to London – I must have had the look. Or something.) But that’s good. I’m enjoying myself and I’m doing an awful lot of teaching and all that kind of thing, and I’ve been working with, and for, some really great people who are doing some really great things.

Today, I had a very useful conversation with my publisher, which is always a lovely thing. Stay tuned for info on the next in the Beautiful Series, Beautiful Trees. All, on that front, is looking very well indeed. Then, this evening, I taught grown-ups and that was fun and, again, great stuff was produced. Now I’m back at a desk approving the proofs for the children I had on my junior writers’ course. They look absolutely stunning. Thank you, clever, lovely, Vicky. [Added, a little later: finished! See picture.]


Tomorrow I’m teaching again over in Sheffield (details here). And then there’ll be more editing and more teaching and even some writing. The writing, I should add, has started again. It had been a while and I guess that’s fine. Often, other things can get in the way and I think the trick is to allow that, to a certain degree. It’ll always come back. It’ll always be there.

So, lots done, lots achieved, lots to be happy with. And lots to look forward to too. And walking. I have promised someone there will be walking soon. So walking, there shall be and I can’t wait.

More soon.

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  1.  by  Kitty

    Beautiful words – beautiful trees – and remember to have only beautiful thoughts, too. Always have beautiful thoughts. And when you find yourself having unbeautiful thoughts, in secret perhaps, notice this and softly bring yourself back to having only beautiful thoughts.

    And be generous to others – not mean… just a thought.

    I have just read ‘Martha’s Dance’. Be not like those men in the pub, those faceless men saying bad things and spreading venomous thoughts. Be only kind and try to understand what is hard to understand in people; and when you don’t understand, know that not understanding is a weakness in you and not something wrong with the world.

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