And The Winner Is…

First up, thanks to all who entered. I loved reading everyone’s entries and I know Kate did too.

But there could be only one winner (who would win a signed copy of this)

And the one person Kate has chosen is

(drum roll please…)


Joanna said:

I think immediately of Jerusalem. 

I remember singing it for the first time when I started at junior school. I wondered how everyone else seemed to know the words. Someone sensitive to my bewilderment nudged me and pointed up to the huge, blown-up hymn sheets hanging from the ceiling. I was so short-sighted (undiagnosed at the time) that I hadn’t spotted them. My eyes were, sadly, unable to focus on the words. It was all a blur.

However, I listened hard to the lyrics and loved them. Every time we sang it, I was moved by the way it began with ‘And did those feet…’. We were told not to start sentences with ‘and’, so I was amazed that this was allowed. The fact that it used this device and also referred to ‘those’ feet, suggested that something had gone before. Something had already happened before the hymn began. It was a sort of mystery that I was being drawn into.

It also made me feel patriotic in a way that brought tears to my myopic eyes, both then and now.

I loved the way it built up, line upon line, and stirred emotions. My favourite line was ‘I will not cease from mental fight’. It made me think I could accomplish anything. Despite the myopia.”

Joanna, if you could email me your address (or where you’d like the signed book sending) then I’ll pass it on to Kate. You can mail me here.

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  1.  by  LM118

    Not sure if my original comment got lost so trying again.Congratulations Joanna, I enjoyed your description of how you first came to experience a love of words.Well done

  2.  by  Kate

    Well done, Joanna, and many thanks to Nik for giving me the space to post on his blog.

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