Amazon/Gebbie Goodness

One of the highlights of Not So Perfect being published has been receiving feedback on it from people whose work I love. One of those people is the brilliant (and very lovely) Vanessa Gebbie who’s been extra lovely and posted her endorsement on Amazon.

Thank you, Vanessa, for saying nice things like:

‘…resonates with a surreal impishness, exploring with a wry smile the often unfathomable complexities that underpin our relationships. He offers no answers, but demands that we look again. And again. In so doing he greatly enriches those who read him.’.

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  1.  by  Joanna

    I really enjoyed the stories in this beautiful book. They make you smile, cry, stop and think. They are all gems, each of them catching the light and casting it at different angles.Congratulation, Nik.

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