Almost There

So, tomorrow I’m hoping that I’ll have had all the approvals on the proofs I sent the contributors to the photo book. This is good. This is exciting. This means we can get it to the printers and it means we’ll be one step away from being able to have the book, to ship the book, to sell the book and to make money for The Alzheimer’s Society. The hard work that Katherine and I have put in will be closer to changing into something physical. I am a bit nervous and very excited.

So let me thank some people. Let me thank Katherine for putting up with me and for working her socks off and for having such fab pictures people have been able to write to. And let me thank all who’ve written something and who’ve been so quick and so easy to work with.
Those people are:
Barbara Challenger
Betty Challender
Gay Horton
Jenny Martin
Karen Crooke
Lynda Iverson
Nik Perring
Sandy Milsom
Steve Howe
Sue Heathcote
And of course, thanks to all who entered the competition here; I’m sorry there wasn’t space for you all.
Tomorrow I’ll also be able to say exactly how much the book will cost. It’ll be around £15 (no more) and lovely. When I’m able to I’ll add it to my online shop. If anyone knows they want one now then email me or drop me a note in my comments.
Right. Good. So now you know. Roll on tomorrow!

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  1.  by  Tania Hershman

    Nik, thank you for doing this, it’s going to be a wonderful book, and the Alzheimer’s Society is a great and worthy charity.

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