Nik teaches adults of all ages and abilities and in all settings. He’s run courses in the community for 10 years, helped compile and publish books for charity, working one-on-one and in groups. He’s taught from everywhere – from his online course to the BBC. He’s run his own writing group since 2005 too.


Nik has taught writers of pretty much every genre, including:
Short stories
Flash fiction
Chick lit
Women’s fiction
Children’s literature
Young adult


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Adult group teaching praise

I am the author of two books. I joined Nik Perring’s writing group when my first book was a mishmash of chapters and my confidence in my ability to write a book was virtually zero. Nik welcomed me to the group, and by my second meeting, I was reading out loud. With weekly encouragement and constructive advice I started to put my first book together. Nik holds the group together, helps beginners with their first steps, and encourages more experienced writers to stretch themselves. I can highly recommend him as someone to run a writing group of any ability. 

Nik is friendly, professional, and a great communicator with a talent for bringing out the best in everyone. I recommend him without any reservations whatsoever. I write this after many years’ experience as a retired NHS medical specialist of appointing staff from school leavers to applicants for consultant posts.

In the five years since joining Nik Perring’s adult writer group I have risen to literary heights, thanks to his guidance and belief in me. I still find it hard to believe what I have been capable of.

The course gave me concrete tools for my writing, including ways to generate new ideas and a fantastic approach to editing. Nik’s constructive feedback gave me more confidence in my writing, along with some good ideas as to where I need to make improvements. 

I was on Nik Perring’s short fiction course over the summer. I can’t praise Nik highly enough as a tutor and as an originator of course content. His exercises always set my imagination whirring. Also, Nik was always enormously approachable and flexible in his approach to giving feedback which was invaluable to me as someone who has a haphazard and unpredictable schedule. I have been writing for a number of years but unplanned events meant the creative side of my life went through a dip – being on Nik’s course gave me the confidence to get started again.

The feedback was a good balance of constructive criticism and encouragement and really helped me focus on the weaknesses. It’s hard to identify what I liked most because the whole package worked so well. The immediacy of the feedback was excellent and really helped me maintain momentum with each piece of work.

I am very pleased with all that I achieved on the course – I wrote six pieces and so far I have sent out four of them; I have had a response to two of these: one was shortlisted in a national competition that receives hundreds of entries and the other will be published in the summer in a highly regarded literary magazine.

More importantly I feel I am in safe hands with Nik and I found his comments on my work both constructive and supportive. Since leaving the course I have no hesitation in sending more work to Nik in the future because I trust his judgement and I know he understands the writing and editing process and the publishing world. Most importantly of all, his course was inspiring. I am envious of anyone who will be in one of his groups. 


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