A Week Of Broken Things

Well, it’s certainly been one of those weeks.

First my iPod decided it couldn’t be arsed talking to my computer and refused to be fixed by any of the suggestions on Apple’s wonderfully helpful site (I say wonderfully helpful because all of the suggestions take bloody hours to do and have been bugger all use).
Then, on Thursday I fell over. I tripped up a kerb (yes I know, and yes I had had a drink but was far from drunk). So after a spectacular fall (we’re talking Superman impression here) and a rather awkward landing I have (according to my research) sprained my elbow. That hurts. (It’s also a shame no-one saw.)
And I discovered that my arm wasn’t the only thing that got knackered in the fall. I give you Exhibit A: my glasses,which were in my jacket pocket at the time. 
Which, actually, is an interesting one. I’d gone over to a friend’s where we were about to watch the brilliant I Will Smash You *(oh the irony!). I pulled my glasses from my coat’s inside pocket and there made my discovery.
It’s also interesting because I bought them at a similar time to the suit I’d decided I’d not wear after last Tuesday (I talk about it here). I wonder if a part of me did it on purpose. It would not surprise me.
So, all in all, a frustrating week. And that’s not mentioning how busy I’ve been and how I’ve got behind yet again. 
I hope next week’s better. And that I make it through it in one piece.
* The film went down a treat. My friend described it as ‘amazing’ and I would not disagree.

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  1.  by  Steph

    Oh bloody hell, I'd say you got off lightly though, at least judging by the state of your glasses. Have you got a spare pair? Contacts? Something? Can you see? Last year at the end of April I was on jury duty in town. It was one of those rare, spectacularly blue and sunny Mancunian days when you walk looking up at the magnificent buildings and think that all is fine in your world, despite the jury duty itself. Well, I didn't see the end of the pavement coming and went flying. I arrived at the Crown Court with a bleeding knee and, of course, they wouldn't give me a plaster or anything at all in case I was allergic to them and could sue them afterwards. So much for the first aid box and all that. I limped well into May.

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    It didn't feel like I'd got off lightly – I must say. I thought I'd broken my arm (and I notice it's bruised now in a place that couldn't have been in contact with the ground!). But it's much improved now thank goodness!God, yours sounds pretty horrid as well! Easily done though, I suppose. You all better now?Nik

  3.  by  Nik Perring

    Nope, no crying. There might have been considerable swearing though. And, knowing me, I imagine I called the pavement a few names too. 🙂

  4.  by  Tania Hershman

    Oh dear, poor you, that is a catalogue of annoyance. I once fell off the pavement – actually I do it a lot – and smashed my lip and the amount of blood was terrifying. I hope your elbow doesn't stop you writing. Thanks for the film recommendation, such great irony in the title! Time for new glasses, eh?PS my word verification word is "ansight" – somewhere between insight and something else. Hmm. Deep?

  5.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks Tania. God – I'm forever doing it too. I am clumsy. It doesn't usually end so badly though!I'm lucky in that those were my spare, spare spares. I have other spectacles in great working order. Touch wood they stay like that!Blimey! Sounds like your fall was nasty as well. Ick.And I Will Smash You is really, really great. Well worth a watch.

  6.  by  Steph

    Teresa, I can totally understand the bursting into tears thing! In my case, I start laughing and laughing, even though I may be in pain… veeeeery odd…Tania, were your teeth ok?! When I think of falls I always think of teeth as I am worried that I will smash my face if I keep going at this rate!And Nik, I guess you can write despite almost killing yourself? What's happening with the arm now? Are you in a sling???I was ok (eventually) following fly-off in town, but then in October I broke one of my toes right here at home. I was changing trousers and hit my foot on a dog's bed. It's still painful and has changed shape so I guess it really did break even though I soldiered on like an idiot (straight to yoga even). Oh and last year at around about this time I slipped in the bath, flew backwards straight through the shower curtain and ended up on the floor wondering what the hell had happened. Honestly… I'll kill myself one of these days.

  7.  by  Nik Perring

    I hope Tania's teeth were okay too – and the rest of her! And I certainly hope Teresa didn't end up crying for too long. Me? I just cursed the pavement and my clumsiness.I can still write, thank goodness. Sling? Noooo! I don't have one of those. I put lots of arnica on it and took loads of anti-inflammatories – and a tubular bandage thingy has been over it for a few days. According to the internet (I know, I know but I don't like hospitals and I'm busy – and committed!) that's as much as you can do if it's what I think it is.Err, wish me luck! And be careful in the shower, Steph!N 🙂

  8.  by  Teresa Stenson

    I think the crying is shock-related, and usually only lasts a minute until I've composed myself/got attention.I'll share my worst fall, not the most painful physically, but so so embarassing.I fell from the top to the bottom of my boyfriend's mum's stairs: a comedy style fall, a slip backwards, land on your bum, arms behind your head, and bang bang bang on your bum all the way down the stairs kind of fall. It was my first visit to his house (we'd been together just a couple of weeks), the first time I met his family, and I was wearing a skirt which flew up and over my head. His Mum, a nurse, ran to my aid, instructing me not to move in case I'd broken anything. I hadn't, I was unharmed, and luckily no one else saw. But I did have a little cry, because of the shock.

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