A Musical Interlude

I’ve been listening to The Wildhearts a lot recently. I used to listen to them an awful lot when I was younger. Their (brilliant) album PHUQ was rarely out of my cassette player (yes, that long ago).

And listening to them again (after far too long) I’m reminded just how good and underrated they are. They did proper songs. They didn’t compromise. They (well, Ginger, I’m assuming) wrote proper, honest, words. And words are so, so, so important.

Words such as:

Now that I’ve changed and the rest have all stayed
well, why do I feel so confused?
some of the best of me plans have been laid
and some of me best moments used


Some of the shit has sprouted in roses
and some of the roses have died
forced by meself to follow conviction
and ignore what I’m missing inside
I’ve been loved by the sweetest and hated by heroes
life’s still (a) surprise and the friends come and go


And they could/can play live too. I give you exhibit A:

And the magnificent (and magnificently titled) exhibit B (the lyrics of which are most definitely worth looking up. Wonderful stuff – also wonderful is what they do with Day Tripper but I shall leave you to discover that for yourselves.).

Album version here.

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