A Happy Post

So, last week I was a bit ill and, as a result, ended up with more or less a week off work. It wasn’t anything serious, just a virus, but it left me knackered and I thought it best to take a little time to recuperate (I think one of the downsides to living and working alone is not having anybody around to tell you you’re looking peeky or to take the day off – a small trade off for what’s, really, a pretty wonderful job).

Anyway. While I was off I watched a few films. Old ones. Most notably Breakfast at Tiffany’s which I’d not seen before and which is wonderful. (I totally get the Audrey Hepburn thing now.) Now, Buddy Epsen’s in that film and it made me think of The Beverly Hillbillies – I used to love the re-runs as a child. So I did a little idle googling and searching on Youtube and ended up finding an interview with him, where he’s talking about the show. One line really stuck with me from it. He said it was ‘a happy show about happy people‘ and I think I love that.

Happy’s good, after all.

So here’s something that made me happy. I don’t think I could ever listen to it and not smile, even if it’s only on the inside. (And it’s with Earl Scruggs who, not so happily, died earlier this year.)

To happiness. Even when it’s flooding and pissing it down outside.

4 Comments on “A Happy Post

  1.  by  Sam Sattler

    Glad you’re feeling better, Nik. Do take care of yourself…no one else really knows how you feel. And stay dry…just listening to the BBC and it sounds like you guys are getting a lot more rain tonight. Interesting times ahead…

    •  by  nikperring

      Thanks, Sam. It’s good to be better. I think you only realise how poorly you’ve been once you’re feeling better!
      And, oh yes. We’ve had rain all right. Not as bad where I am as it’s been in some places, but it’s definitely been consistently very, very wet! Hope all’s well where you are

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