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Ether Books have been doing something cool with short stories and iPhone/pad/touch apps for a little while now, namely making short stories available to download to your iPhone or Pad or Touch. It’s a great idea (and not JUST because it’s something I thought would work well when eBooks started taking off). I love the idea of being able to download a short fiction wherever you are. Short stories are often ideally suited to those between times – short commutes, waiting rooms etc.

So. I’m thrilled to tell you that ‘Kiss’, the first story in Not So Perfect is available as a free download through Ether’s app (which you can find here). If you have an Apple mobile device –  you might want to take a look. There’s plenty of other good stuff on there too. Go explore!




And a reminder that I still have a few copies of Not So Perfect here in my office – if you’d like one signed and personalised for £10, then give me a shout.

And if you’d rather have a copy for your kindle, it’s only £2.14. Just saying…

7 Comments on “A Free Story

  1.  by  Annie

    OO how exciting, but how sad I am not very technologically advanced and can’t get one. boo hoo to me for being so in the dark ages !

    •  by  nikperring

      You’re so not, Annie. Anyway, you’ve read that one anyway (first one from Not So Perfect) so everyone’s a winner! 🙂 X

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