A Book of The Year/Being Got

I think the best bit about being a writer with a book out (especially one like me) is when people get your work. And I’ve been lucky in that sense, really lucky, because that’s what people, in the main, have done. They’ve got my stories. And they’ve liked them too, mostly. Seriously, it’s a wonderful feeling.

It was a wonderful feeling too, seeing that someone has said that Not So Perfect was their book of the year. Seriously, thank you, Catt. That means an awful lot. And I know I’m in particularly good company – as well as being a good friend of hers, I’m a pretty huge Caroline Smailes fan – and I love Anne Sexton’s poetry.

So again, thank you, Catt. That means an awful lot. And thanks too to all who’ve got my stuff, whether they’ve told me or not.

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