All was well in Crewe

Had a fab day in Crewe, where I spent the day leading story-writing workshops for children at Brierley Primary School. I worked with Mrs Hudson’s class and Miss Gadsby’s, both of which impressed me very much.

I’d also like to thank the staff at Crewe library, who made me feel very welcome – and in Ro’s case helped me get my stuff into the library and made me one of the most needed cups of tea I can remember having!

And on the Vicks First Defence front…

Well I took it yesterday and felt pretty rubbish (sore throat, sore ear, felt sick and had a monster headache) , which I’m not suggesting had anything to do with it at all. Woke up this morning with nothing more than a sore throat – which after talking all day is now a little worse. Either way, I feel better now than I did yesterday, so that, in my book, is a good thing. I just hope it continues.

Looking forward to getting back to the writing tomorrow.

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    Glad Crewe went well, Nik – and hope your cold continues to abate … My mother always swore by Vick and will be glad to know she’s been proved right!:))Axxx

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