Book Tour Under Way…

Almost. Well it will be in an hour or two when I set off for Styal Primary School.

The weekend was good fun. I had a great time at my friend’s 40th, and I think she did too. It was really nice to see a few old faces and really great to meet up with my friend’s children. It’d been over a year since I last saw them, which made me think how quickly time can pass you by, how I should have made more of an effort and how much this writing lark can turn a person into a boring old hermit (even at the tender age of 25!). I’m determined to change that (well the last two).

On Saturday I went for a Thai meal with my girlie, which I really enjoyed. Fab food and fab company. Who could want more?

Right. Now, let’s see if I can get any work done before I have to leave.

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