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If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that last Tuesday I presented awards to the children who had completed the Summer Reading Challenge.

Here’s what the local rag had to say about it.

Well, in keeping with the theme of the week so far, today has flown. It was here this morning, (which seems about an hour ago) and now it’s just turned quarter past six and I’m thinking about finishing up for the day. Time flies, it seems, even when we’re not necessarily having fun.

Not that I’m whinging. I had quite a nice day. I stopped off at Styal Primary School with the intention of nipping to the front desk, handing over some posters for my visit and hurrying home, but ended up being introduced to one of the teachers, a very lovely and warm lady called Alicia, who showed me around. The school is lovely, and I find that I’m looking forward to kicking off the Book Tour more than ever. So thank you, Styal Primary School, and the friendly faces who greeted me there.

If I had the time I think I’d muse on why some days computers work like a dream (or like they’re supposed to) while on others (let’s say, erm, today) they’re slower than anything on this earth. But I don’t have time, because what time I would have had has been eaten up by the time I’ve spent waiting for my computer to do things. So there! Frustrated? Stressed? Me? Just a little!

I should mention that it’s only two days till my book’s released. Eek!

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