Finally Sorted it!

Thank goodness for that – I’ve finally worked it out. You can now (or you jolly well should be able to) leave comments on any of my posts whether you are a blogger or not.

I was good today. I wanted to try to get myself to the gym a couple of times a week in run up to the Book Tour (and, hopefully beyond) and today I went and I ran. I came home with the hope of getting some actual writing done (as opposed to research) and had just sat down to begin when I received an email which I had to act on – it was the final proofs for my book. Now that’s done and sent (with my name spelled correctly on the cover!) it can be printed and all ready for delivery in (gulp) less than two weeks’ time.

It looks like I’ve another busy, fiddly day tomorrow. I’ve phone calls waiting, I need to nip out and buy things, I need (desperately) a hair cut and I’ve got to be back at the library down the road by 5 to present certificates and medals and what-not to the children who’ve completed the library’s summer reading challenge. (I’m very much looking forward to that).

And another thing…

I was reminded of this when I was talking, on here, about the Rogue’s Gallery CD. It’s a record by Jerry Garcia (of Grateful Dead fame) and his friend (whose name I can’t remember at the mo), and it contains some great fun songs for children. But, as the title suggests, it is not only for kids. There are some wonderful songs on here, the best of which, I think is their rendition of Shenandoah – one of my favourite songs ever. It’s a wonderful story set to a beautiful tune – and there’s even a bit of Brahm’s lullaby at the end as well – with strings, a guitar and a mandolin. So now you know.

Back to it. For a little while.

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