I had intended to post a few pictures of the props I’ll be using on the Roaming Roman Book Tour, but only managed two before the batteries in my camera died. And I can’t find the charger, so for now here are two pics of the Domesday Book I made. I hope to use it, not only as a prop, but also as a comments book. Ooh and a big thanks to James, Laura and Sarah for their help. I’ll try to upload some more soon (just as soon as I find that charger).

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  1.  by  Anonymous

    Nik, I’m impressed ;)Andrea/AnjPS Cameron is excitedly awaiting his copy, will pass it to you for signing because then he wants to show it to his teacher. Awwww

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Glad you like it. Of course I’ll sign it no problem – just hope he (and his teacher) likes it! Not long now.Thanks again,Nik.

  3.  by  Anonymous

    Wow Nik I’m famous. I’m in the Doomsday Book – I’m in the Doomsday Book!!! Looks great and I’m sure that it will go down a treat. Will there be any books to purchase (on tour) or is it advisable to buy and bring for signing?Cheers,KevB.

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    It’s completely up to you. Books will be available on the day, priced at £4.50, but if you’d rather buy your copies first then you can do so online from amazon, play, waterstone’s, whsmith and tesco, or from any good book shop.Look forward to seeing you there.

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