P-Day (the day of publication) looms large. It’s two weeks, to the day, until the publication of I Met a Roman… and a little over two weeks until the Roaming Roaming Book Tour gets underway. I must admit, that although I’m feeling a little nervous, I’m really looking forward to it. Very exciting. I just hope that the books are delivered to me on time, but I’m sure everything’ll be okay. And I hope, more than anything, that people enjoy the book.

You can order your copy of I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You do? here.

Happy birthday to Rosie and Dom.

I’ve also been enyoing listening to this – a collection of sea chanteys and pirate songs. Be warned though, some of them get more than a little rude. In general, it’s a very good folk album.

Back to the Anglo-Saxon research, which, I think, is going okay.

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