Ooh, And Before I Forget…

I’ve had two responses from the friends I tagged with that meme I did the other day. You can see Tania’s here and Lexi’s here (it’s in the comments bit because she likes to keep blog posts about writing; I think she’s a little more disciplined than I am!).

And while on the subject of blogging about things which have nothing to do with writing, I have been drinking out of different mugs today. New mugs. Replacements for the two favourites that broke last week. So it’s no more pretty Hindi-esque design and Eeyore, and hello to Mr Bump and Mr Messy (And a nice green one I’ve yet to test). I’d post a picture but my phone broke last week as well.

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  1.  by  Lane

    I hope you didn’t break ‘our’ blue stripy one!! Mine is still safe and unchipped:-)

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Ours is safe, Lane – worry ye not! Let’s hope they both stay unchipped and wonderful tea/coffee vessels. They serve us well.N x

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