7 Things

Sally Cook has been doing some meme tagging shenanigans. I am one of those she’s tagged. I have to tell you all seven things about me. Now, I remember doing this some time ago, though if memory serves it was eight things back then. Times change. 

1. I need peace and quiet to write. Things like dogs barking, people using those big industrial leaf blowers/hedge trimmers, pneumatic drills are not on my list of favourite things.
2. Some interruptions when I’m writing are necessary and are received politely. If you’re the chap who rang me up earlier to tell me that you’re going to help me switch mobile phone providers you will know that such phone calls are not a necessary interruption and might not be received politely. And if I do want to switch mobile phone providers, as I said, I’ll do it when it’s convenient and not when I’m working. And if you are that chap, don’t sound so grumpy because, you know, I didn’t ask you to ring.
3. I can be cheery at times. Honest. Probably has something to do with the moon.
4. I’ve been getting the feeling, more and more lately, that I need to spend more time relaxing.
5. I have really enjoyed, over the past few months, the actual act of writing. Of putting ink on paper.
6. I think Pelikan fountain pens are wonderful.
7. My hair’s in my eyes.
So there you go, folks. The first seven things that came to mind. I wonder how different these answers are to the last things about me meme I did.
I’ll not tag seven people, I’ll tag you all. Let me know if you share…

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    Relaxing is good – you’ll be able to see how to do it when your hair’s out of your eyes, my dear!!…:))Axxx

  2.  by  Lane

    I’m sure the moon has a lot to do with being grumpy and non-grumpy. That’s my excuse anyway:-)

  3.  by  Douglas Bruton

    Seven thoughts:Thank goodness it’s friday and the end of the first week back at work.I too need a haircut… it’s making my neck itchy.I too love writing… not with a pen, though yours sounds like a nice pen. I like the keypad of my computer, though the letters on the keys are beginning to disappear, rubbed and rubbed by the tips of my fingers.I love writing flash fiction – it’s like brainstorming… and lots of ideas churning and rising to the surface where they might otherwise have stayed in the dark. Strangely I am not a great fan of reading flash fiction… my appetitie is for more than a bite!Talking bites, must get on the exercise bike and drop a few of those christmas-bites.I like this messaging lark… it’s fun.Like Danny Wallacce, I should say ‘Yes’ more this year.Thanks for this Nik.D

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Cool list, D. And you don’t like reading ff – how interesting (not in a good or bad way, just an interesting one).Oh aye, this messaging lark’s great fun, innit; communication’s great.Nik

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