Signing Off For a While

Not sure for how long, but definitely until I come to terms with how these antibiotics are making me feel and/or feeling well enough in myself to be able to post something useful or coherent. Now, that could take as little as 40 winks or it could be longer. I’m really not sure. Time will tell.

I got the ‘the treatment’s working’ from the magnificent Dr Pearson (I think that’s her name) earlier, so things are moving in the right direction, I’m just not too sure how quickly. I think, actually, that I was worse than I’d thought.

Until then, big, big thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to wish me well. It’s hugely appreciated, it really, really is.

See y’all soon.

Nik x

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  1.  by  Faye L.

    Take care, Nik, and I hope you feel better soon. Sorry I haven’t commented earlier, but I’ve been really bad at keeping up with the internet recently! 🙂 All the best. F

  2.  by  lorrie porter

    Blimey, you don’t do things by halves, sounds pretty serious. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water, and I’d say catch as much sun as poss, but not much chance of that at the mo, so you’ll have to request hugs off your best beloved instead.

  3.  by  Fionnuala

    Gosh, Nik, I’ve only just caught up wtih this an dhope you are feeling better. SOunds like a very nasty thing you got. Get well soon. Fx

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Thanks so much for your comments everyone. They’ve meant such a lot during this pretty bl***y horrible time, and they have definitely helped me to feel better. I’m feeling like I’m on the road to recovery now and hope to be back writing and blogging very soon.Thanks again, friends.Nik X

  5.  by  Sarah Hilary

    Oh Nik! I missed this horrible news because of being in Ireland. I do hope you have the medication you need and that you are able to rest until you are fully recovered. Do take care. xx

  6.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hi Sarah – oh don’t blame Ireland! 😉 Hope you had a good time.Thanks for your good wishes.I’m MUCH better than I was, thanks. Definitely on the road to recovery; fingers crossed that road’s a short one!Nik

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