How Do You Have Fun?

Photo from the wonderful Du Rose’s Digest

It has occurred to me that since I’ve been writing seriously, I have, on occasion, neglected to have as much fun/time off as I probably should have. And I think it’s time that changed. Having time away from writing, even if it’s only a little (this is a job we can very easily live in 24/7) is important. It is good to be fresh.

So that means (with luck) that I’ll be making more of an effort to spend more time doing things I enjoy; that means more walking, more running, more yoga, more looking at birds – more being away from my desk.

So, I am curious, readers of my blog, what do you do for fun? How do you relax? You never know, you might inspire me to take up a new hobby…

Me, looking at dolphins

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    Birdwatching – but you know that! Doing sudokus (addictive but fun), watching panel comedies (Have I got News for you? 8 out of 10 Cats, QI etc etc).Eating chocolate!!!!Axxx

  2.  by  Lane

    Fun? Hmmm. I was stumped there for a minute but thinking about it -PaintingwalkingMessing about on trampoline with the children (not sure you’d want to pursue that as a hobby though:-)

  3.  by  Jenn

    Pottery, sewing, knitting, drunkeness, reading children’s books and web forums, reading latin, taking care of cactus, riding my bike, visiting train stations, sleeping.

  4.  by  Tania Hershman

    Great thing to think about, Nik! I play Scrabulous, make pottery, watch any TV cop/law/medical show, and some sci fi, go to movies, cook, eat what I cooked, eat what James cooked. Yesterday I cleaned the fridge – fun? Maybe! Running The Short Review – that’s fun…

  5.  by  Anonymous

    I’ve recently discovered Scrabble. Swimming. Hmm, birdwatching and walking too – saw a Mandarin duck recently in… hmm, Macc Forest i think it was. What a beauty.Casey x

  6.  by  Nik's Blog

    Thanks for sharing, folks. What a fab collection of hobbies we have. Nice to see some other birders (Mandarin ducks are stunning, aren’t they – one used to live on the canal not far from me) and walkers/fresh air lovers.Train stations, Jenn? Inside or outside?I’d forgotten about film and TV. Don’t do much of either and possibly should. And cooking. Yes, that’s a good one.This Scrabulous keeps popping up, doens’t it? I think I may be missing out.Strokes his chin, musing…

  7.  by  Kay Sexton

    Oooh, late to the party but: yoga, baking, bento-making, working on the allotment and gardening (two different hobbies linked by a single spade!), walking, reading and listening to jazz.

  8.  by  Sarah Salway

    Nice thing to think about – growing herbs and vegetables, yoga, swimming, scrabble, boggle, dancing, music, just chatting with friends and family, making things, films, exhibitions – sheesh, I spend more time having fun than anything else it seems!

  9.  by  Nik's Blog

    Good to see you over here, Kay and Sarah.Yoga seems to a popular writers’ hobby, doesn’t it?I like both of your lists and am tempted to start growing things (something I’ve wanted to do for a while now) and definitely more cooking.Btw Sarah – as an aside, did you notice which T shirt I had on in the binocular picture? Yup, it was that one all right. Cool no?Nik

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