Of Mystery Insects and Terrific News

We went to a reservoir yesterday, and it was lovely (well, mostly, a bird did poo on my head but that’s another story). There were lots of birds, cormorants, herons, chaffinch, treecreepers, grebes, goldeneyes, a lesser whitethroat – even jumping fish. And this:

Anyone got any idea what it is?
I’ll bet those of you who asked for more pictures on the blog didn’t expect a humdinger like this one, did you?
And the terrific news is that Jenn Ashworth is going to have a book out. I’m a big fan of hers so I am totally thrilled; and what makes it even nicer is that she’s a lovely lady. Three cheers for Jenn.
Also, speaking of top people with books due out, there’s a cool post on Sarah’s journal by Tania Hershman which is well worth a read.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    Ah ha! Is that what it is? I’d never have known. We saw quite a few, and also saw quite a few being gobbled up by chaffinches.Thanks for that! Nik

  2.  by  Jenn

    Aw, thankyou for the plink Nik. And lovely lady too – what a compliment! 🙂

  3.  by  The Mock Duckling

    Nice insect!Err, sorry for crashing into your blog but WW has gone weird and I can’t get onto it at all without it being covered in error messages. I can’t get in to tell anyone there is a problem either so finally thought you must know how to contact someone maybe…Is it just me or is everyone having a problem with it?Sorry again and thanksRosy

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Always a pleasure to plink, Jenn. :)Rosy I’ve replied via your blog – but since then it’s been sily for me as well. It might be a hacker thing, I know DB mentioned something about it the other day.

  5.  by  The Mock Duckling

    Thanks Nik – I emailed David and it’s there again. He said there were some problems. I’ll remember that email for next time.Thanks again!! 🙂

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