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Well, I’ve just heard back from one of the editors I mentioned I’d emailed earlier. And I was almost right. I suggested there was a possibility that my sub/email hadn’t reached them; it was actually the other way round. For some reason the email they had on file as mine, um, wasn’t (goodness knows why, but I these things do happen). And the submission had reached them. And is still under consideration. This is all good, especially as I love the magazine in question. And I’ve got to say, credit to the editor for taking the time to sort it all out.

I am definitely more happy about things. As I say, these things do happen, that’s life; I’m just happy that, through good communication, I know where I’m up to now.

Fingers crossed they like it!


And while I’m on…

I was thrilled to see the fabulous Vulpes Libris mentioned in this article from The Guardian.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    Thanks Tania. I’m glad I did too (and my fingers are definitely, tightly crossed). Just goes to show how far a polite email can go. As I said before I didn’t think either were bad editors or magazines (I love the work both put out A LOT). It’s heartening when you get a decent response and find out that it was just a mistake. Nik

  2.  by  Kay Sexton

    It’s always good to check, and I shall be looking forward to hearing your good news on acceptances very soon!

  3.  by  Lane

    A good result Nik and I hope we hear an even more positive result soon!It’s very disheartening to feel like you’re being ignored. I’ve sent several things to a local newspaper. I’ve checked they’ve received them. Yes they have but over the space of almost a year, they have not replied once. Even a ‘this is tat, go away’ would be better that nothing. Sigh.

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Thanks Kay. Well, here’s hoping.And thanks Lane. Ya see, that’s exactly the kind of thing I hate. I’ll not go into details but I sent a local paper something once, never got a reply, and it ended up being run in boradsheet. Courtesy costs nothing, and one would hope that professional courtesy, for any decent publication, should come naturally. I must say that mostly, it does. All (I think, well as far as I can remember) of the editors I’ve ever worked with have been great – maybe that’s the point; the ones I worked with, not the ones who ignored me.And before I pause for breath… I think I should also say that I’m usually well on the editors’ side – it aint an easy job!Nik

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