They’re funny things. I give one out, every week, to my writing group. Sometimes they inspire great, interesting, funny, moving stories. Other times they leave the group cold or, at best, scratching their heads. Sometimes they’re ignored completely, with the writers choosing to write about something they want to write about – something I always encourage.

This week’s stories were all absolutely fantastic. Not all of them were written to the prompt I gave last week (they were great as well) but I think that this is the best bunch of stories and poems we’ve had at one time, not that the others are ever bad, this week’s were just exceptional. So I’m very happy with the prompt I gave, and thought I would share it with you. If you write anything from it I’d love to read it.

The prompt is:

He’d walked all night.

Take it away, have fun with it, play with it, change it, do with it what you will. Enjoy it.


And if any of you want regular prompts then you should probably amble over to the prompt queen, Sarah Salway’s, blog. (You should probably read her books too, because they’re brilliant.)

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  1.  by  Lexi

    I can see why this got your class going, Nik!It makes me think of GK Chesterton’s The Last Hero.

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