We Have a Title!

After much head-scratching, face-pulling, and scribbling, I have now come up with a title for my coleslaw story.
It is: Sack Tactics.
I would like to thank my new Moleskine (I know, I know) for its help during the procedure.
Now – to make sure it’s finished and right and doesn’t need any more fixing.

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  1.  by  gee

    Nik, the what-to-call-it problem is one that torments me. What I do now is find the title within the story- it’s always there. Blood,etc (which is the title of a story and the collection) arrived in this way.My best ever find was Someplace on the Veldt for a story set in North Wales! Just right though.best of luck with Sack. Gee

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hey Gee, how lovely to see you here. A little bird told me things went went well at the launch, which was marvellous news. (Sorry I couldn’t be there, by the way.)Yes, I like that idea. It’s something I’ve tried before but, don’t think, I’ve used very often. Blood, etc is a really splendid title – I’d have been very proud of that one!Hi Lane. Oh yes, I like my notebook. I know you’re a notebook fan – you used a moleskine before? Very lovely, if not indulgent, tools.Nik

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