Today, and I mean all day, was spent writing a short story. Well, the first draft of one anyway. I have just finished. And, at the moment, I’m pleased with it. It was the result of a prompt I gave my writing group a week or so ago. The prompt was: It reminds me of coleslaw. You’re all welcome to use it.

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  1.  by  Jenn

    Sounds like you had a much more productive writing frenzy day than I have.I find it hard to keep my bum in the chair for more than an hour or so. I have to get up and pace and have a temper tantrum every now and again.You have true writerly stamina!

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Oh there was much bum moving, tea making, cigarette smoking and general pacing around during the non-writing parts. No real temper tantrums though, not big ones at least.N

  3.  by  Tania Hershman/The Short Review

    I’m very impressed, I can’t sit and work on one story for more than an hour, then I get antsy. Good for you. I bet you have a room with a door you can shut – and a window to clear the cigarette smoke! I might try that coleslaw prompt. After all, I once wrote a story prompted by the first line “I didn’t know it was made of butter!”

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hey Tania! Oh, I do get antsy. Really I do. Big time. Actually I don’t smoke inside, which gives me the opportunity to stand outside and watch birds and things, and not think about writing – even though I probably went outside to think about writing!And yes, I do have a door which gets firmly closed. Doesn’t dull the sound of hoovers and dogs barking enough though, which is when I’m at my antsiest!If you don’t mind I think I’ll use the butter prompt with my writing group tomorrow – I love that! Have you a link to your story, or can I read it somehow?And btw, I’ve uploaded coleslaw to ww if you fancy a nosy.Nik

  5.  by  Anonymous

    *Waves at Nik*Well done, Nik. I’m intrigued as to what reminded you of coleslaw, though:)That butter one could be the prompt for my whole novel…Off at a tangent here, but talking of birds, isn’t it shocking how the numbers have gone down around here? When i first moved up, 15 years ago, i’d count up to 14 starlings in my birdbath – now i’m lucking to see one. Plenty of robins, but just the odd sparrow now, if i’m lucky a goldfinch or nuthatch and a few blue tits.Liked the photo of your wren…Oops – have i hijacked the coleslaw thread?:)Casey x

  6.  by  Nik's Blog

    Well, a butter novel does sound interesting. I’m sure pubs could do something interesting with the cover… Or maybe the novel could be served in a dish.To be fair we seem to be doing alright for birds up here. Tens of blue, coal and long tailed tits; nuthatches, dunnocks, gold and green finches, wagtails and on Sunday a goldcrest. Keeps me happy!N x

  7.  by  Marla D

    After reading your coleslaw story, I’m not sure how I’m gong to eat it again..I will eat it..just not sure how :)I haven’t gone proper twitching for ages, but I went to the Valley of the Rocks for some headspace a few weeks ago, and while sat in my little car looking out to sea from Lynmouth harbour, I had a robin perch itself on my wing mirrors..the passenger one first, then right by me & my open windows..I know they’re common, but I love their balls..I’ll have to upload the pic x

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