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I’ve just signed the petition over at and would urge you all to, at least, have a look at the site. (Though I should say that I think the language, um, ‘issue’ is not the most important one; children, and the rest of us, should, I think, be exposed to different things. I suppose that’s the point…)

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  1.  by  Lexi

    I haven’t signed, largely out of conviction that children watch far too much television – if they only watched the good stuff even that would be too much.Also, I’ve signed a few of these petitions in the past, and it’s REALLY REALLY annoying when, months later, you get a smug email thanking you for your views, and informing you that the minister involved is going to do exactly what he intended doing in the first place. Because he knows best.Grrrr.

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    I take your point, Lexi, and I think it’s a good one. I’m not sure the issue is how much telly children watch, I’d like to think that children and parents had the opportunity to choose.What worries me is the industry – or lack of it. It seems like it’s following the British film industry which, of course, is bad for writers, directors, actors et al – let alone its audience.And I completely see where you’re coming from, re: smugness and them doing what they want regardless. We can but try…

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