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My story, Seconds are Ticking By, is now up over at Smokelong Quarterly. Looking forward to having a read of the rest of the issue – I am a big fan of it.

Oh, and there’s also a small interview with me about the piece, and flash fiction, there, which you can see by clicking here.

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  1.  by  JwBennett

    Hi NikWhat a great little interview and a terrific piece of Flash too – highly entertaining! Well done mate!JB

  2.  by  Sarah Charsley:

    Hi Nik I came across your blog through a comment you left on Sarah Salway’s. It’s great to find other people who are into flash fiction and to see there’s a whole journal dedicated to it. Yes, thanks for leading me to Smokelong Quarterly, I really enjoyed your entry. I’m thinking of maybe submitting something myself as the aim of my blog is to write a 300word peice of flash fiction each day, in response to Sarah Salway’s daily writing prompts (I think I’m probably only averaging about 2-3 pieces a week at the moment though). I definitely agree with what you say in the interveiw about flash being an artform in itself and not something that should be seen simply as way into writing longer pieces. Long live flash fiction!!

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hi Sarah. Thanks for stopping by.There are quite a few sites dedicated to Flash – you might want to have a look at Flashshot (http://www.gwthomas.org/flashshotindex.htm) and maybe http://thepygmygiant.blogspot.com/too.Best of luck with the subs (though it might be worth sending things that haven’t appeared on your blog as some editors require submissions to be previously unpublished). I liked what I read on your blog, by the way.Thrilled to hear you enjoyed my story too.Always great to meet fellow flashers!Nik

  4.  by  Vanessa G

    Great piece of writing, Nik. And the interview is most insightful!I love Smokelong, have done for years! Unfailingly intriguing pieces of work from good writers, whose names I don’t always know, but who I am sure to see again and again after this!V

  5.  by  JILLS

    Hi Nik,I have just seen my interview up on the WW home page – you might want to take a look.Jilly

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