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It’s been a hard week, beginning with the last of my World Book Day visits (I can hardly believe that this has been my third World Book Day, by the way) which was followed by hard writing work. I spent all week tweaking a short story. Goodness me, it was hard work! I reminded myself of the poet in that joke (the one which goes something like: a poet was telling a friend how hard he’d been working. ‘I spent the whole morning putting a comma in,’ he said, ‘and the whole afternoon taking it out.‘).

With the story almost done I found myself with a few little niggles to sort out. So I sent three different questions (they came up at different times) to three trusted readers. And you know what? Every one of them not only answered my question – they all went into real detail, commenting on the piece as a whole; far beyond the call of duty. (To be fair, just having them look at it was help enough and hugely appreciated.)

So thanks, folks. Big time. You know who you are.

And thanks as well to everyone who’s provided me with skipping rhymes. That’s been a massive help, and hugely appreciated, as well.


And in other news…

I’ve been reading, in the small opportunities I’ve had, The Daughter Game. Very much liking it so far.

This interview with Leila Rasheed is cool, as is this discussion, on Chicklish (can’t believe I’ve not mentioned them before!) about her book.

And thanks to Gillian for this. It is a lot of fun but be warned, it’s also rather addictive. (My best’s 22secs – beat that!)

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  1.  by  Jenn

    I think that was Oscar Wilde, you know.Whoever it was, though – I know what he means. I have forbidden myself from doing any tinkering until I get a full draft.It is really hard. It is like vowing not to bite your fingernails or not think about red elephants or something like that.I am glad you reminded me that children might read your blog. I will make sure all my comments are small person friendly from now on.Now I am tempted more than biting my fingernails, more than thinking about red elephants.I don’t mind if you delete this.

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    I, Nik Perring as owner and writer of this blog, hereby allow Jenn Ashworth the great and ace and lovely, to talk as much as she likes about red elephants and finger nail biting; and I shall add that not only will I not delete her post(s) but I will very much hope she comes back here again and continues to write the wonderful stuff she’s been writing. I’m a Jenn Ashworth fan, see.So there. ;)I think it was Mr Wilde, wasn’t it?I’ve a marvellous audio book reading wossname of The Infantata (sp?) that I doubt I’ll be able to find now I really want to hear it.Nik

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