World Book Day Visits

I think I’m probably best just summing up what I’ve been doing and where for the time being. I think I’ll write at length about what a workshop/visit entails later. I’ve a feeling it might be a bit essay-ish. So…

Well, I had a lovely time at each of the schools I visited over the past couple of weeks. I started at St John’s running an afternoon workshop with upper Key Stage 2 where we wrote stories to photo prompts.

Then I went to Lower Park for the day and worked with the whole school (300 or so children), which was terrific. Workshops were done, stories were planned and plotted, characters were created, readings were given and questions were asked and answered. Some terrific work was produced and much fun was had.

(Me with some children from Mrs G’s class, Lower Park)

Next was a trip to Stoke (on actual World Book Day) to work with children at Church Lawton. The day started with a rather excitable Nursery/Reception class where the children made up their own characters and drew them. Then a series of workshops with the rest of the school which were all great fun and productive.

And my stint ended yesterday with a trip to Orrishmere where I ran a workshop with a brilliant Year 3 class.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of my visits and would like to thank all the schools very much for having me. As I’ve said to one or two of the teachers and heads: I very much hope the children enjoyed my visits as much as I did.

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  1.  by  Lane

    These trips sound great.I love the progression from the younger ones drawing their own characters to the older ones planning and plotting stories.Sounds like your preparation was well worth it. I’m sure the children loved it:-)

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