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First, double congratulations to Roger. His third book, A Vengeful Longing was officially released yesterday and it is his birthday on Sunday.

And I’ve read some marvellous articles and such on writing/blogging/reading this week – all well worth a look. Here, Lisa Glass writes about book review blogs; here Susan Hill talks about blogging and here Emma King-Farlow writes about the art of critiques. (Also really cool to see the terrific Leading the Dance reviewed in The Short Review , though I’d disagree with what the reviewer said about its cover – I think the covers for both editions I’ve seen have looked very well.)


As for me, I’m still writing.

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  1.  by  Emma K-F

    Wow, thanks for the mention, Nik – I’m incredibly flattered by the company you’ve got me keeping! I’ve just read Susan Hill’s interview – extremely interesting stuff – and am about to start on Lisa’s article, which looks set to be equally thought-provoking.I hope the writing is going well. Congrats on the poems over on Shine – they were both great and I loved the extra snippets about the motivation behind each of them!Emma x

  2.  by  Lane

    Thanks for the links. Very interesting.I’m in the middle of Tell Me Everything at the moment (wonderful) and then will dive straight into Leading The Dance.Sorry to hear about the typo. So fraustrating!

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    Fraustraiting imdeed!C’est la vie.I’ve yet to have a look at TME yet – Leading the Dance and Something Beginning With are both terrific.Nik

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