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I’m not the sort of writer who carries a notebook around with him at all times, or has one in every room of the house, so I can scribble every single fragment of an idea down the very moment it comes to me. Typically, I’m quite laid back with ideas.

There are times though, when I need to make a note of an idea. I’ve been known to text it to myself, or leave a message on my own voicemail. Occasionally, when out, I’ve asked a barman for a piece of paper and a pen.

The other day I found one such note tucked in my wallet. Ooh, an idea for a story, I thought.

And you know what it said? What this idea that was too good to not write down was?

It said: “Man cooking a turkey. In a kitchen.”

Hmm. I don’t think I’m quite the genius yet, am I?

Anyone else had any daft, or cryptic, ideas?

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  1.  by  Christopher Hardy

    ‘Werewolf or Werewolf’? ‘Taping wedding ring to gearstick’. ‘Insisting deaf people are Italians’. I don’t know what any of these meant.

  2.  by  Lexi

    It’s when you can’t even read the scrawl that it gets truly frustrating…Or worse, when the idea is SO good you know you won’t forget it, so you don’t write it down.Then you forget it.

  3.  by  Emma K-F

    I’m definitely a texter. Just checked in my ‘drafts’ section and found the following: ‘Wandering Minstrel’, ‘Part command of S’ and ‘Exiled to jungle, visited by J’. Riveting stuff, if I say so myself! ;-)Emma x

  4.  by  Jenn

    I’ve got:’some woman whose house tries to kill her. Or something.’and’Camilla is the name of a flower’

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