New Year

It’s been quite a year.

I’ve had loads to celebrate and enjoy and, now I look back there’s an awful lot I feel really proud of. My fifth book came out and people liked it. I had other stuff published, and won a competition too. I have worked with some really amazing and talented people. People who I’ve edited and mentored and taught have been published and won competitions and nominated for Pushcarts. I’ve taught writing at the BBC and been asked back, three times.

I’ve worked with some wonderful young writers (and you so know who you are – Yoda, and co) and even younger ones too and seen them produce wonderful work and I’ve met and worked with some of the most wonderful, imaginative, and utterly BRILLIANT library staff you could imagine. And I became an uncle for the third time. There’s a lot to be thankful for.


Of course there are other bits which have been less enjoyable, but I’m not going to go into those right now. What I will say is, to those who’ve known the not so great bits and have been kind, thank you.

And thank you to those who’ve been kind and who have had no idea.

If there’s one thing I’d ask you to take into this new year, with its door open with opportunities: it’s hope. Because things can be ok and because we can all be brilliant and we can all be better than who we think we are.

And if there’s one thing I’d ask you to give, it’s kindness. Because, sometimes, that can make ALL the difference.

So, everyone – I wish you all the happiest of years. Do something good. Be somebody amazing. In your own way make this world, or your world, or someone else’s, a better place – the amazing thing is each and every one of us can – and that is a wonderful power to have. Use it! Keep one eye on all that’s already been but look forward too. There’s much to look forward to.

And, last, thank you for your support/advice/friendship/trust/book buying/kindness/listening and putting up with me talking at you about what *I* think you should do with this sentence or story or whatever. You’re all ace.

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