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Well, I’m well aware that is quite off subject but here are a couple of snaps I took on my phone while out walking earlier. (The bottom one’s for Jem.)

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  1.  by  Lane

    Wow, they make you feel small don’t they.Lovely photo (can’t see the second one yet, but then my computer is behaving strangely this morning:-(

  2.  by  Lexi

    You took these with your phone? Impressive; a breath of country air brought to crowded old London.My phone is too old to do photos. Tiny, but old. It doesn’t do much in the way of phone calls either, as I am phone-averse.

  3.  by  Emma K-F

    Beautiful photos, Nik – just one more reason to be jealous of where you live! Like Lexi, though, I was amazed that you’d taken photos of that quality on your phone – is it a super-snazzy model or are they all that good these days? (Mine is a few years old, so I’m not entirely up to date with these things!)Emma x

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