Thoughts on Walking and Thirteen

My cheeks are red and tingly. My legs ache a little and my fingers are only just coming back to life and/or thawing. And I am very happy. I love walking. Especially when the weather’s a little white and crisp – almost cutting. I love the rough stillness of being in a place where there are no other people; just trees and birds, bushes and grass. I love the merciless iced wind that knives; and the kestrel who didn’t seem to mind it one bit.

I am happy that I’ve taken this extra time off. I am beginning to relax.

Happy sigh.


I was thrilled to see Scott Pack singing the praises of another Sarah Salway book. I know, from reading his excellent blog, that he is, like me, a big fan of hers. I’ve not read Tell Me Everything yet, but I fully intend to and soon.

And while I’m on that subject…

I finished reading Thirteen, by Sebastian Beaumont the other day. I read it because he’d (Scott Pack) recommended it. Simple as that. (Well, it sounded interesting too, but that’s not the point. The point is recommendations work. Even in the smallest of numbers.)

The book is excellent. It’s hypnotic, neurotic, weird and edgy – all of these in a very good way. And, most importantly, it’s a good (and oddly believable) story told well. As Mr Pack says, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but with that said and accepted, it’d come highly recommended by me.

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  1.  by  Emma K-F

    Hi Nik,Glad you’re enjoying your time off – I’m so jealous of the way that you get to spend it, strolling around beautiful wild places, accompanied by kestrels and things!Huge thanks for the link to my blog yesterday – very kind of you indeed. 🙂 I began adding links to other blogs to my sidebar thingy today and yours was, of course, the first one that I thought of! Not quite sure about links within the text of a post yet – will give that a try soon…Emma x

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Of course, you’re very welcome. Looking forward to reading more of your blog as it grows.Links in texts are a doddle – you’ll get the hang of them in no time!Thanks for linking here as well. Much appreciated.Keep up the fab work!Nik.

  3.  by  Lane

    Nothing like a good walk through the woods to blow out the cobwebs.Thanks for the heads up on Thirteen. You’re right. Recommendations work. Most of books I’ve read recently have been because of blogger’s reviews.Love the title of your children’s book btw.Look forward to reading more of your blog:-)

  4.  by  writer girl

    I loved reading about your walk. what vivid imagery. You should write a novel/story about place. You have a good feel for it. WG

  5.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hi Lane. Thanks for dropping by. If you do read Thirteen I’d be interested to hear what you make of it. Glad you like the title – took me and the pubs a blinkin’ age to get it!Annie hi! Actually I used to take my camera everywhere but ended up not bothering cos a) it’s a big, chunky DSLR and b) I kinda didn’t have the time to upload them. Might have to get back into doing it cos I do very much enjoy photography.WG. Thank you! Glad you liked. (Actually, in the spirit of not being a thief, I must confess to nicking part of it from a wonderful Wilfred Owen poem: )I think I might head off for a wee walk with my beloved if the weather holds out. There may be pictures yet…Have a lovely weekend, all.Nik.

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