I Love My Job

Well, I love writing full stop. But what I really love about my job is when I get the opportunity to visit schools and run workshops and meet children and do readings, and, and…

I’ve just got in from a day at Woodland Community Primary School, Rochdale. I’ll blog in more detail when I’ve a little more time but I have to say that I loved it. Brilliant children, brilliant teachers, brilliant Head, brilliant school and a brilliant day.

As part of my visit I was truly honoured to officially open their new school library (which is BRILLIANT.) Below is a picture of the plaque. (I never thought I’d have my name – correctly spelled! – on a plaque!)

As I say I’ll blog more about it in greater detail later (I should have some pictures too taken by the school and by the fab reporter – and maybe some examples of some of the work we did).

Until then, have a lovely weekend one and all.

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  1.  by  JwBennett

    Wow your own plaque – now that’s fame! Well done mate. I’m looking forward to the statues of you that are going to pop up around the north :)Top one! JB

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