First one is the fab blog of the fab Jenn Ashworth, and the second is the fab revamped Vulpes Libris; a site about books. And the third is The Fix. Enjoy!

And I’m still working on that story (as well as sporadically tinkering with my new website). Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to say soon.

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  1.  by  NoviceNovelist

    Hi Nik, Just popped in to return the hello you left me on my ‘lovely’ blog as you described it – thanks – that cheered me up! By the way I love the title of your book.cheersNN

  2.  by  Jenn

    Aww, thanks Nik – I’ve been hibernating and sulking for the past week or so, but I’m almost out of it now and normal service should be resumed soon!

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