Very Cool

Well, the hand written story has been typed up and edited and I’m rather pleased with it. So that’s good.

I’ve mentioned on here on a number of occasions how much a fan of Neil Gaiman’s work I am, so when I saw what he’d said about Sarah Salway’s work on his blog I was pretty excited and pleased. So, well done Sarah; high praise indeed.

And here’s what he said:

“(Currently reading Sarah Salway’s Tell Me Everything, because I really enjoyed her novel Something Beginning With, the kind of idea for book’s structure I wish I’d had, and written in a way that kept up with the structural conceit.) (It was retitled The ABCs of Love in the US, just to limit the readership.)”

Very cool.

Actually, while I think about it, Sarah posted this link yesterday which is definitely worth a look. It’s just, well, lovely.

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