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First off – thanks again to everyone who’s been lovely and gone out of their way enough to send me birthday wishes. There are a LOT of Very Nice People out there.


I’ve been working hard today on rewrites of the WIP. I have around thirty more pages to read and amend (and then type up) and then that drarft’ll be done. And I’m feeling as though the book’ll be in pretty good shape. Still a fair way to go but a LOT closer than it has been. And that’s kind of exciting.


I completed an interview for the Australian Espresso schools project, which should be go out with the story some time around August. Once it’s out I’ll post it here.

And here are a few fun blogs you can have a look at:

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  1.  by  writer girl

    Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog. And belated Happy Birthday. Just think, this time next year you’ll be saying, ‘I didn’t realise it was going to be such a huge bestseller. I did my last edits just after my xx birthday and sent it off. Now look at me: outshining JK like she was a bottle Pink Lady and I was a vintage Veuve Cliquot…’

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