One Down; a Hundred or so Million to go

Ah. I am happy to say that after six or seven hours of pretty frantic typing I have now completed draft 4 of the WIP. Happy days.

So that means that tomorrow I’ll be able to turn my attention to the hundred or so million other things I need to do.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hi Annie. Thanks for stopping by. Am I new to writing? Erm, not really. I’ve written for magazines and newspapers, had poems and short stories published, run writing workshops and had one novel published so far; though I’m still, as ever, learning! Why do you ask?Thanks again for stopping by.Nik.

  2.  by  Annie Wicking and Loman Austen

    Thank you for dropping by. As you can see by my blog I’m a new writer in all sense as I have been teaching myself how to write. As well as trying to became a published writer. I was just wondering if you have any tips or advice on how to get published. Though, I have read many books on the subject. It is always interesting in hear other writer’s personal wishesAnnie

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    Hullo again.Well I think you’ve got the most important quality in that you’re prepared to ask questions and learn. And seeing as though the People’s Friend (a difficult mag to break into) have been positive in their comments thenI reckon you’re definitely on the right track.I’m a little short of time at the moment so I’ll try to answer your question properly when I next update my blog.Until then… Briefly: I think it’s vitally important that you read a lot (even stuff outside what you’d usually choose) and write a lot. And when you’ve written something, revise it and edit it to within an inch of its life. And then probably some more. What sort of fiction do you like to write?Hope that’s helped!All the best,Nik.

  4.  by  Annie Wicking and Loman Austen

    Hi Nik,Thank you for the chat. I write all sorts, really. My main interest is anything on the darker side of life, though; I’m not a horror writer. I like crime but there are too many people trying writing crime for me to become added to the many. I’m trying to find my own style of writing. I like Poe’s work, myself. If you take a look at ‘Annie and Lo get writing blog…’ I’ve posted extract from two of my books on there. I have completed two books so far, my first book is a supernatural thriller. Extract of it were posted in March. If you take a look, please let me know what you think of it. I write as much as I can, which means I write everyday at the moment I working on a series of short stories for the online writing competition site. http://www.toowrite.comTake a look at my story…. The Watcher Have you look at my book reviews blog yet? I started to write the reviews after I started to read one book a week. I thought if I wrote down what I like and disliked about the book it may give me an insight into what makes a good book great. I still have a large pile of books to go through yet. But so far I haven’t come up with a magic formula. 😉 I have two books, which were published in 1950; I thought they might be interesting to read to see a different style of writing to what we now do. I read one of Patricia Highsmith early books and thought it was a bit bland. It amazing how much has change in writing.Best wishesAnnie

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