Turning Japanese?

Blimey. I can’t quite believe that it’s been a week since I last blogged. Again time has just slipped by.

And what have I achieved in that week?

I’ve completed another draft of my novel.

I’ve pretty much finished everything associated with the self publishing* of my writing group’s anthology, including finishing the artwork for the cover and writing the introduction.

I’ve cooked Teryaki.

I’ve eaten sushi in Manchester. (This and the above were in the space of two days!)

I’ve watched the magnificent The Day The Earth Stood Still and thought that if an alien were to land on earth tomorrow, (s)he’d probably receive a similar reception (ie welcomed by many men pointing guns at him/her).

I’ve read the wonderful The Silver Crown – thanks to Leila for suggesting it.

I’ve been reading this brilliant blog.

Amongst other things.

Today I’ll be typing up WIP alterations.

*Re Self Publishing. This is the first experience I’ve had with it and I can tell you that it’s bloody hard work. And while I much prefer doing it the traditional way (ie having people who know what they’re doing (NOT ME!) type setting, editing, printing, proofing, doing the cover, et al – I have a new found respect for people who go down that road and make a good job of it. It’s not an easy thing to do and I suspect it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to do well.

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