And now the Exciting News

And exciting news it is indeed.

Where to begin?

First with the announcement that ‘CHIPS AND HORRIBLE MALTESERS: THE FANTASTIC DIARY OF BATHSHEBA CLARICE DE TROP’ by Leila Rasheed will be published by Usborne in the spring of 2008.

Now I’ve been lucky enough to see this book being written (kinda). I remember having a conversation with my girlfriend after reading the first couple of chapters (via the writewords site) a year or so ago, telling her what a fantastic story it was. ‘That will be a book,’ I told her, ‘and a good one at that.’ It’s nice to be right, of course, but it’s nicer to see something worthy of being published, published.

And what’s more, the author, Leila Rasheed, is also on my list of nicest people I’ve never met. I’m thrilled for her and can’t wait to get my copy. (I should mention that the book’s for 8-12 year olds.)


Exciting news part 2.

Another name on the nicest people I’ve never met list is Roger (sometimes N) Morris. And I’m delighted to say here that his latest novel, A/The Gentle Axe, has been reviewed in the New York Times – favourably! (You can see the review here.) Big congrats to him. And that’s another book I can’t wait to get reading.


And while I’m on the subject of books, I think it’s been too long since I mentioned mine. So here it is.


Thanks to those who took the time to send their best wishes about my Nan. It was warmly appreciated.

And thanks too, to the very lovely Emma, who was good enough to cast her eye over the poem at very short notice – and who made some fantastic editorial suggestions.

Thank you all very much.


Right, off to get some writing done before this afternoon’s workshop.

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  1.  by  Roger Morris

    Hi Nik, thanks for the mention – you are officially THE nicest person!I’m very sorry to hear about your Nan. Your poem was lovely.Roger

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