And yet more

Yes, even more plugs. But I don’t mind because they’re all both very nice people and great writers.

So, and in no particular order we have…

Lisa Glass.,

Leena‘s Blog

and Charlotte’s blog,

I think that’s it.


I’m still enjoying this lull in productivity. Which is nice and (I reckon) deserved. Yesterday was spent cleaning my office. And when I say cleaning I mean CLEANING. It’s so clean you could eat your dinner off it. I wouldn’t like you to do that though. Especially if you were having, say, beans for your dinner. Or anything with brown sauce. Pale carpets, you see.

Hmm, I’m rambling. I think it may be time to focus my mind on work again.


Actually, thinking about it, there is another writer’s blog I want to mention. It’s Kay Sexton’s. She knows what she’s talking about – lots of fantastic writing advice to be found there.


And congrats and best wishes to Roger, whose latest has just been released in the United States.

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