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I finished the the first draft of my novel yesterday morning and it feels good. I know there’s plenty of work ahead but knowing I’ve done stage one is rather pleasing. What’s also good is that I know a lot of what needs doing to it already so I have in effect given myself a heads-up.

I spent yesterday afternoon writing a poem. A treat for me as I don’t normally get the time.

I didn’t do much today. I was going to have a tidy up/spring clean but thought better of it. I think I deserve a bit of time off. I did redraft my poem though.


Fellow writeworder Colin has just set up a blog. He’s kicking the booze for a month, so drop in and wish him well. I do. Best of luck with it.


Tonight I’ll be eating Indian food.


And if you fancy a bit of funky music then have yourselves a look here. (as long as you’re over sixteen).


Here’s a nice blog I stumbled across. It belongs to writer (and soon to be debut author) Faye L . Booth. Check it out.

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  1.  by  Colin M

    Great news on completing the first draft. What a buzz. Thanks for the plug. I’m still getting to grips with blogging and links and feeds and things. Just got Feedreader, which is fab for keeping updated – just added your blog to that to keep bang up to date. See you on WW.Colin M

  2.  by  Faye L. Booth

    Hi Nik,Thanks for the link! Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment, but I’ve only just discovered this post. (Is there an easy way to watch people’s blogs on Blogger, like the Livejournal friends page or MySpace blog subscriptions?)Cheers,F

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