Flying By

Yes, that’s what this week’s doing.

I had a fabulous time yesterday at Gorsey Bank school. I like nice schools with nice staff, teachers and (of course) children; and Gorsey Bank is no exception. I spoke to every class in the school (big job!) and think that Richard deserves a special mention here as he organised the whole event with military precision. Thanks Richard.

The biggest thanks goes to the children though, who were intelligent, enthusiastic and made me feel very welcome. Thanks everybody!

I also got to read a couple of, as yet, unpublished stories to them which received a really positive reception. Which is encouraging. If only all agents were children, eh!


Today (and last night) was spent redrafting one of the unpublished stories and by the time lunch came it was in the best shape it’s been in. And that’s after about two years and what must be about a hundred drafts. Next: submissions.

I went to an event this afternoon my local library put on for a gentleman (a very nice chap even though his name’s temporarily escaped me) who’s just self-published a book about his very interesting and well-travelled life, which was fun. His book is called ‘Fom Bollington to Zanzibar’ so look it up!

It was also really nice to (finally) meet Anne Sherman; someone who’s done a lot for readers in Cheshire.


And of course, as promised, the ‘sweet’ story.

It is true. I was scared, almost to death, on Sunday by an aniseed ball. I was at my friend, Ruth’s house. With my girlfriend and Ruth’s boyfriend, Gary (both top peeps). Gary has recently quit smoking and as a substitute has been sucking aniseed balls. He offered me one. I put it on the side (I was too busy to suck; I was in the middle of explaining to him how it was possible that our world is regularly visited by UFOs [I’ll try to find the link and put it up here]).

I continued with my lecture. Gary lept forward, pointing. So did Ruth. And out of the corner of my eye I could see something crawling towards me, creeping up on me, if you will.

I shrieked. And jumped. I thought it was a scorpion.

It wasn’t. It was the aniseed ball.

Everybody laughed. A lot. At me.

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  1.  by  Julia Buckley

    Gosh how traumatic, hope you’ve got over the shock!I used to love aniseed balls, haven’t seen any for years though, wonder where your friend got them from. Good idea of theirs to use them to stop themselves putting ciggies in their mouth. Perhaps if I could get some aniseed balls I use them to stop myself chewing my foot by popping one in when I’ve had one too many sherries.

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