National Writing Day, 2019

My Worlds

And a quick postcard of lovely before the long weekend… Melior Academy’s School Winner of First Story’s 100 word competition, now freshly printed and glorious. Congrats, Mia!

Hive, Hull, Huddersfield, and Somewhere Not Beginning With H

Typically, it’s been a break-neck, non-stop, busy few months. I’m still writing and working on something I seem to have thought I’d have finished by the end of the month every month since February but these things take time and I’d rather end up with something really good than something quickly. In incidental, Nik news… […]

The Animal Child

One of my non-actual-Nik-writing jobs is being Writer in Residence at Melior Community Academy in Scunthorpe for First Story. I’ve been there since last May (a year!) and I absolutely love it (in fact, I’ve just seen the anthologies comprising the best of the work that we’ll be launching next week – they’re so good […]

Big Top!

The Big Top’s up now for my local arts festival. It’s blue and white and big and it’s on the rec. It looks very impressive whenever I drive past it. And so does the bunting. It’s all very lovely. But there’s a really scary message hidden there too. Does it fill me with joy and […]