Perfect Ten

Way, way, back I was a member of an online writing group. I’d had a few things published but, as someone who’d never had any formal writing training, had never been to university, had no writing friends, and generally didn’t know too much about the writing world, joining that group was invaluable. This was 2004 […]

Secure Your Own Mask

Time flies. Nine years ago I invited Shaindel Beers here to talk about her first poetry collection, ‘A Brief History of Time‘ – those of you who’ve been around me for the best part of that decade will know how much I loved the book and how HA has been a favourite poem of mine […]

On Prophecy and Time – Jonathan P Taylor

Jonathan P Taylor has a new poetry collection out, Cassandra Complex, so I thought it would be a marvellous thing if I were to invite him over here to talk about it. And here’s the man himself, talking poems, prophecy, and time… On Time Travel, Poetry, Prophecy and Cassandra Complex   I’ve always felt that […]

History in Motion

Thrilled to see, on Twitter yesterday, this wonderful piece of writing featured as First Story’s Friday Story.   It was written, and edited, last week at Lumb Bank and it’s a pleasure to share it with you.