Bradford Literary Festival

A little heads up for those of you in the north (or those who fancy a trip up to the north)…   I’ll be appearing at Bradford Literary Festival on Sunday May 22nd, 2pm – 3:15 and I’m very excited about it. Not only because of the brilliant things I’ve heard about it, or because there’s genuinely […]

2 am

So, it’s 2 am and I’m up with a book and I’ve not blogged in a while so here we are. I have opened a beer and there is a Japanese film playing on the TV in the background (not because I am or want to look cultured – it was on after Rudetube, which […]

Bowie and Me

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. Post something on here about David Bowie, once the (star)dust had settled after his passing. And, I guess, now I’m here doing it there doesn’t seem that there’s too much to say that’s not already been said, much better, and by much cleverer and successful people, than […]

Miriam Drori on Sale!

I’m not really here at the moment. I’m trying my best to be away, catching up on edits and emails and other stuff while hoping, too, that I might actually get some actual writing done. But being away’s not going to stop me having guest around. And today it’s the lovely Miriam Drori. Over to […]

Weightless Fireworks

  It’s always a pleasure to welcome the multi-talented Mr Scott Pack here. As well as being publisher extraordinaire (he’s the chap responsible for Freaks! while he was with The Friday Project/HarperCollins) he’s also published his own books which I know I’m not the only person who’s thoroughly enjoyed them. And he’s back – in […]