Colds and Successes and Feeling Smug

They say that when you stop’s when it gets you. And they’re not wrong. Last year was ridiculously busy in many ways (most of them wonderful and writing shaped) and this year’s not been too different. But, as I’d not any looking deadlines tapping at my window when I felt a cold coming on I […]

Welcoming Susan Tepper – Dear Petrov

Susan Tepper is definitely one of the nicest people I’ve never met and is a wonderful supporter of other people’s work (here’s a brilliant interview I gave to her for Black Heart magazine). She’s a great writer too. And she¬†has a new book out, Dear Petrov, and it’s a delight to have her over here […]

Shakespeare Week, Sheffield

A little while ago those amazing people at the Sheffield Library Service asked what I could do for Shakespeare Week. And this is what I’ve come up with. We’ll be running five free workshops at five different libraries, over the school holidays, for ages 7 – 11, beginning Monday 21st March and we will be […]

Live Your Life

It’s been another very busy couple of weeks but now I have at least a couple of weeks of not having to be anywhere for anything. It’ll be nice to catch up and get some writing done. On Wednesday I was in London, working at the BBC again which was brilliant. I ran two sessions […]